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'Ello friends, looking for some V-kei band mates - J-ROCK MUSICIANS

About 'Ello friends, looking for some V-kei band mates

Previous Entry 'Ello friends, looking for some V-kei band mates Jun. 20th, 2012 @ 08:17 pm Next Entry

I am currently looking for some more band members for a visual kei band. My favorite bands include Versailles, Dolly, Awoi, L'arc, D, Lin, Malice Mizer, Uverworld, ect. My friend and I are lookin for a gothic/opera type feel, so it will be crazy cool to do. of now my friend and I are sharing vocals, we have a guitarist, but we would like a bassist, drummer, maybe even keyboard or anything else you can offer is. We live in Albuquerque, NM but will be in Las Cruces starting in August, so if you are within thr area wicked!! Of not, doing an online band is alright as well. I may be moving to Japan to work on being bi in the V-kei world since I have friends in bands over there, but it would be awesome to have a great band! So hit me up either at kakashisnovia@yahoo.com or Saisano, YouTube page!


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