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Looking to form a Jrock/visual kei band! Aug. 3rd, 2012 @ 03:09 am
Hi everyone! My name's Hanabi (I believe I've posted here before) and I'm looking to start a band in the Orlando area. 

I'm a vocalist looking for a drummer, guitarist(s), bassist(s), and possibly a keyboardist. I'm not looking to make a extremely strict and serious band (that is unless the member will want to be, then I'm all for it lol) but to be more of a cover band. I do need the band members to at least be a bit experienced with the instrument they're playing. I want this band's song genres to be anywhere in the range of Jrock, visual kei, heavy metal, and anisongs. The reason for the anisong genre is because I perform at conventions as a Jrock/Jpop/anisong singer and dancer and I'd love to have a ban to perform with.

The band members can, of course, be of any gender, and I'd like the age range to be somewhere from 14 to 20 (I'm 16). If you're not in that age range, contact me and maybe we can work something out. Like I said before, I'm lot looking for something crazy serious unless wanted by other members. I myself am a pretty laid back person so if there are any issues, you can contact me and we'll work something out. I'm in the Orlando/ Winter Park area so pretty much anyone the Orlando or surrounding areas are up to join. I'm looking to hear from you all! :)

email: hanabiflare@gmail.com
facebook: facebook.com/hanabiflare
youtube: youtube.com/HanabiFlare
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Still Looking to Froam Visual/Oshare Kei band Jul. 16th, 2012 @ 03:41 pm

I am a vocalist who has been trying to form a visual kei/oshare kei band for a while now. I’ve been practicing vocals for about 2 years now, to be honest I  am not good and I try my hardest to improve. I mainly do clean vocals so that I can work my way up to growls as my growls/screams are really weak. I am trying to learn programming/keyboard/FL STUDIO because i would like to have more responsibilities. I can do some of the artwork though and possibly promotion. (I would love to try and be useful as i can because of my low skills)

As for the band I’d like to put together:

2 vocals (if there is another vocalist who’d like to try the twin vocal style like bands MoNoLith and Mix Speaker’s Inc.)

2 guitarists (1 is fine but never know if there are more interested)



Keyboard/synth/prog (im open to more styles)

With experience this is what I am looking for:

Music- ZERO to ANY. -I myself  have very little music experience aside from vocals so I’d prefer members who have little experience so the band can grow together, its not a must but a preference lol.-

Band- ZERO to ANY. I’m not picky with band experience.

Knowledge of Japanese language- ZERO to ANY.  –You do not have to know Japanese fluently but if you know SOME then excellent lol. I’m currently trying to learn the language (have been since high school but I hardly have time ;-;) so if we learn the language as we go then awesome ^~^

Equipment: you do not have to have any, I understand that equipment is very expensive (I myself don’t have a PA system lol) so yea it’s all cool

All members must be open to hearing out everyone’s thoughts/opinions. Open to all styles is great, more variety but if you prefer one style then we could make things work =)

My influences: Versailles, Jackman, Art Cube. SuG, DragonWAPPPPPPER, An Café, VannessA, The PIASS, amber gris, BORN, MoNoLith, NEGA, Royz, the Riotts, The Rudie Satan Park, UnsraW, Moi Dix Mois, Malice Mizer, Mix Speaker’s Inc., Gakido, Misaruka, DEATHGAZE, lynch., Anti-Feminism. Administrator, ALSDEAD, Exist Trace, E;m~grief~, Chemical Pictures, Lycaon, LuLu, Kagrra, DOG in the parallel world orchestra, BugLug, oyuugi wagamama dan x paradeis, D, Crazy Shampoo, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, aicle, OZ, ViViD, Phantasmagoria, Chariots, spiv states, The Candy Spooky Theater, Dir en Grey, GallowS, vNEU, SEED, Hizaki Grace Project, Luzmelt, Zip.er, lix., Edogawa Paradox, EGOIST, ayabie, Kibouya Honpo, minus jinsay orchestra, schwein, ridiot, Rimo with SAVANNA P.K. Orchestra.

I live in van nuys so I prefer people to be around here lol um these areas are fine as well : North Hollywood, Sylmar, Burbank, Glendale, Northridge, Encino, Santa Clarita, and Palmdale(Palmdale is the farthest I will travel sorry ;-;)

if you have any questions you may contact me on here or send me an email =] fs_chibi@hotmail.com

IMPORTANT-It does not matter how skilled you are! I consider myself a beginner so i would honestly like to be around people who are the same or a mix of skilled and non skilled =] PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

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JROCK Band Looking For Drummer and Guitarist[Tampa] Jul. 11th, 2012 @ 05:52 pm
We have a vocalist and bassist already and are looking for a drummer and guitarist. We will do performances once we get good and also have a YouTube channel. This should be serious but also fun. Also if you can do screamo thats a plus but not required. Please let us know if youre interested. You dont have to live in Tampa but at least close. Our singer lives in Tampa and our bassist lives in Clearwater. Please have transportation though and age range of 14-18 maybe 19. You dont have to have professional experience or prior band experience. We prefer rookies but its fine if youre experienced.

Online VK band Jul. 4th, 2012 @ 09:45 am

My name is Maria, 22, and I study lyrical singing.
I want to start an online visual kei band with the gothic style... and also, I want to create amazing songs.
If you are interested, let's work together. :D

'Ello friends, looking for some V-kei band mates Jun. 20th, 2012 @ 08:17 pm
Mel Neko

I am currently looking for some more band members for a visual kei band. My favorite bands include Versailles, Dolly, Awoi, L'arc, D, Lin, Malice Mizer, Uverworld, ect. My friend and I are lookin for a gothic/opera type feel, so it will be crazy cool to do. of now my friend and I are sharing vocals, we have a guitarist, but we would like a bassist, drummer, maybe even keyboard or anything else you can offer is. We live in Albuquerque, NM but will be in Las Cruces starting in August, so if you are within thr area wicked!! Of not, doing an online band is alright as well. I may be moving to Japan to work on being bi in the V-kei world since I have friends in bands over there, but it would be awesome to have a great band! So hit me up either at kakashisnovia@yahoo.com or Saisano, YouTube page!


Current Location: New Mexico
Current Mood: artistic
Current Music: metal, screamo, goth, punk
Other entries
» Don't know if anyone's reading this but.. online band, anyone?
Name: Aya
26 years old from Sweden.

I'm a;
I've been studying music in Japan
I'm pretty good in Japanese & English

I love;
L'arc en ciel
and more!

I wanted to know if anyone is interested in an online band for now (that may be able to become something real later, as I have contacts in Japan). I'd love to start a Visual Kei / rock group, but since I live in a small, boring town in Sweden that nobody knows about, I wanted to see if anyone was interested in something online. I need a drummer, 1 or 2 guitarists and a basist. Maybe keyboard too? (and someone who can growl perhaps?) It helps if you have recording equipment! I always thought it would be super cool with a girl band, but if that's hard to find, guys can contact me as well!

My voice has a wide range so I can go from high to low and it's very strong.
I wanted to do a sound that's a mix between Gackt / L'arc en ciel & D'espairsRay!
I can send samples in an email!
I barely check LJ so if you're interested please send me an email at:
twinkle.little.beauty @ gmail.com

Hope to get some answers! It would be fun to give it a try!
» Looking to create an online collab band!
Hey everyone! My name is Hanabi and I'm looking to create an online v-kei, jrock, etc. collab band. I want it to be similar to the YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/AnimeSongCollabo. I feel like it would be great to connect with other Jrock/v-kei lovers through a collab channel! There are no restrictions to who can join so anyone of any age from anywhere can join! (hurray for the power of the internet!). If you'd like more info on this project, you can email me at hanabiflare@gmail.com or message me on youtube! http://youtube.com/hanabiflare  Thank you and I hope to hear you all! :)

» Looking to form a visual/oshare kei band (san fernando valley)
I am looking to start a visual/oshare kei band. Whether it is a cover band or a band playing original songs does not matter to me, I am ok with either.
I do vocals and currently still practicing(i practice as much as i can, trying to learn growls/screams as well). i am not looking for talented or experienced members because experience/skill doesn't matter. we can always improve with practice and i would prefer people who have little or no experience maybe some more so all members can learn from one another. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT =]

As for the band, any knowledge and/or interest of VISUAL/OSHARE KEI is a MUST. I am looking for any guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, drummer and possibly a second vocalist, third if anyone else interested. No music experience needed, we can learn together along the way. Would like to try many styles of visual kei and see if all members can include their own style as well.
Anyone interested just contact me, whether you a boy or girl, or any ethnicity. Also due to age concerns, i prefer in the range of 17-25 yrs old but if you're older or younger maybe i'll let it slide ^~^ Really would prefer people with little or no experience so we can all grow together =]

NOTE-i have no equipment so please forgive me >w< but i am trying my best to get what is needed

I live in Van Nuys and know the San Fernando area well. So if you're in the area and you would like to get together to form a band please feel free to contact me and i will get back to you soon =D
PS: any questions or concerns let me know as well. i will be posting an ad every once in a while in case anyone is still interested
» LA
Any one in los angeles area would maybe be interested in making a jrock band? I live close by USC hit me up if anyone wants to try it, I play guitar and I'm working on getting a better electric guitar.
» Anyone interested?
Hello everyone! I know it's been forever, and I'm sorry. I am still alive, and I am working hard on my schooling for my musical career.
In that spirit, I'm turning my old site into a promoter for new jrock bands. If our great jrockers made it this big, who says these artists aren't the next to rise up? There's always a new generation. Let's help become aware of them. That being all said, I've redone my construction page, letting ppl know what we're aiming for and my goal now is to ge tin touch with as many artists, bands, and so forth as possible. Any garage bands wanna get start getting known to gain gigs and a fan base? Anyone trying to spread their new name around? Singed or not, get in touch with me please! I need some bands for my upcoming site soon!
contact at mmisskriss@gmail.com (:
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